Innovations for Women

Problem: No tie, no pocket square just a plain looking shirt and jacket. 

Solution: Button Up Collar Stays

This simple tool not only acts a great way to prevent collars from curling, something the Perky Collar can't do, but it has the added function of helping you fasten those hard to reach, frustrating small buttons on your sleeve. Then the Button Collar Stays can be returned to the collar stay pocket on your collar. This is especially helpful for those with dexterity issues in their fingertips or arthritis. 

Solution: Solid black opaque Hipstik tights net

Classic all the time… AND comfortable! Smart. Bold. Elegant. Black is a canvas for impressive color popping and able to match anything in your closet. So get out that skirt or dress again and get to wearing it all comfortably!

• Opaque – 97 denier
• Low-rise cut
• Made durable to last
• Stretchy lace top fits around your shape without rolling or squeezing
• No sagging thanks to the silicone stik strip
• Footed
• Soft microfiber featuring Spandex
• Made in the USA
• Patent-Pending
• NEW size H is available (compare to pant size 22-24)

Solution: 100% Cowhide Pivot Buckle Holeless Belts 

Solution: 100% Cowhide Pivot Buckle Holeless Belts 100% Cowhide is a leather quality solution all by itself. The Pivot Buckle gives you the ability to adjust the belt by as little as 1/8" increment, giving you a perfect fit every time. No more creating new holes in your belt. The buckle is also elegant and classy with a sleek silver look, great for business casual or professional attire. Plus, the buckles are interchangeable for more fashion options.  

Problem: Fastening small buttons on your sleeve, cuff or top button of your shirt.

Innovations for Men

Problem: Droopy and Saggy dress shirt collars. 

Solution: Magnetuck®

Magnetuck® shirt stays work by magnetically attaching to your shirt (without damaging the shirt), and are kept in place right below your waistline by your belt. Each set of Magnetuck® shirt stays come with two complete "tucks", one for each side of your shirt 

Solution: Hand Crafted Bow Tie Lapel Button

This little Hand Crafted Bow Tie Lapel Button adds a little touch of color to your outfit to show off your uniqueness and your attention to detail. It is also a great conversation piece and can act as a way to show company loyalty by wearing company colors, show holiday enthusiasm and a touch of class. Also works great with a tie or pocket square to bring out a color that is often subdued or overlooked. 

Problem: Dress Shirts that are constantly having to be tucked in and retucked in throughout the day.

Innovations for Men & Women

Solution: The Perky Collar 

Collar support system for dress shirts. It lifts up the top button region of the dress shirt to give you a high collar, professional look every time. Nothing feels better than wearing a brand new shirt. This product gives your collar the look it had the 1st time you wore it. People will notice the difference and you will definitely feel more confident.

Problem: Pocket squares that unfold and fall down in your jacket pocket.

Problem: Dress Shirt Collars that get crushed when travelling

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David M. Frankel and his son, Bryce Frankel, tried out for Shark Tank's Season 9 in April of 2017 in Charlotte, NC. They had wrist band # 177 out of 288 companies that auditioned. They were selected to go on to the second round which included paperwork and a video. Unfortunately, they were not selected to move on to the third round which includes a call with a Shark Tank Producer. 4th Round would have been filming in Los Angeles in June/July of 2017.   Perky, LLC was encouraged by Shark Tank to reapply for Season 10 in September. We will keep you posted if there are any new developments on the Shark Tank auditions.

​Solution: ShirtTrekker - Shirt Travel Case and Protector

• For traveling & pre-packing

• For storage at the office, or at home

• Easy transport that protects from from dust and wrinkles        while traveling or storing

• Water Resistant
​Traveling with a great shirt in a not-so-great suitcase?   Keeping an extra shirt in the office, but need to tuck it away   in a drawer? Biking to work and don’t want your shirt getting   drenched?

Whatever the situation, ShirtTrekker comes molded ready to keep those collars stiff, and your dapper shirt protected from dust, wrinkles, and whatever else gets in the way during your travels.

Solution: Best Pocket Square Holder 

Locks the pocket square in place so it doesn't unfold and fall down in the jacket. This gives you a great looking pocket square all day long. No more having to mess with it and refold it numerous times a day to look your best. With this device, you have the ability to fold the pocket square in dozens of ways to make the same pocket square look different each day.

Problem: Tights that are uncomfortable, sag, suck, squeeze and don't fit all body types well.

Here is a brief overview of the problems and solutions we have discovered so far:

Problem: Belts that never fit right especially when you gain or lose a little weight. Standard belts can only be adjusted by 1" increments.