This belt uses buckle technology instead of holes to adjust. 

How does it work?

Simply tilt the buckle vertical to loosen and horizontal to tighten. That's it.  Now your belt is always the perfect fit even if your weight shifts a bit from time to time.

Color choices: Black, White, Dark Brown and Light Brown

The belts are also cut to fit it. So it is better to order a bit larger and cut it down than to order your exact waist size and take the chance that it may be too small.

Tired of never having your belt fit right? Tired of poor quality leather belts that crack? Tired of making your own holes in the belt so it fits properly?

Introducing, the pivot buckle holeless belt made of 100% cowhide leather with an elegant, sleek and sophisticated silver buckle that can be used in a business casual or professional environment.

For example, if you are a 34" waist, it is suggested that you order a 36" belt and cut it down as needed by simply unfastening the buckle, trim it and refasten.

Pivot Buckle Holeless Belts