Check out my podcast from Monday July 10th, 2017 with Inventors Launchpad's host Carmine Denisco and HSN's American Dreams host Bob Circosta. Perky Collar segment is from minute 20- minute 34.

The Enventys team and I then began several discussions over six months to determine the best angle, width, thickness, weight, color and material for the Perky Collar. After creating several prototypes and getting feedback from several people, we decided on a clear and thinner version of the Perky Collar than originally designed. We decided it was important that the collar be invisible, lightweight, durable and effectively lift the front of the collar closest to the top button of the collar. 

​Perky, LLC was born in January 2015 and the catch phrase, "The Clothing Innovation Company" was born. It is important to us to not just have an invention or a "patent pending" but to continue to innovate and develop a clothing innovation company. The Perky Collar will simply be our first product and major modification to the dress shirt since the Collar Stay was invented in 1955. Collar Stays are still encouraged to be worn in the collar along with the Perky Collar to prevent the collar from curling up.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Perky, LLC and for your business. Please help me spread the word about the Perky Collar and together we CAN revolutionize the dress shirt industry. More great clothing innovations are around the corner.  

The sagging and droopy collar problem peaked for me in March of 2014 when I began wearing dress shirts every day and frequently wore a blazer as well. When getting ready each morning, I noticed that each dress shirt collar laid a bit differently. Despite my effort to correct it, the collar returned to it's saggy state seconds later. Throughout the day, I found myself adjusting my shirt collar and growing frustrated. Whether I adjusted my collar in the bathroom mirror, while sitting at my desk, while looking in the rear view mirror of the car or in the glass window of the car, the problem remained. I vowed to find a solution that didn't involve wearing a tie to work. That's when this journey began. 

When I finally had enough frustration in mid-March 2014, I finally went into my 5 year old daughter's bedroom and grabbed several of her headbands to find a solution to the saggy collar problem I was experiencing. I tried several of her headbands around my neck. Most of them were not comfortable but they clearly helped with the saggy collar issue. I then went out and bought several different types of head bands from several area stores. Trying each of the headbands daily, I was never happy with the headband solution but felt that I was onto a possible solution. I then contacted Enventys in Charlotte, NC and met with a team of engineers. At that meeting, I explained my collar problem and the different solutions I had found. 

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About Us

The Perky Collar was invented to stop the droopy and saggy collar and help extend the life of our favorite dress shirts. It provides consistency for the top button region of the collar. No adhesives to apply. No sticky residue. Finally you can look professional without the discomfort of a traditional tie. 

Dress shirt collars take a lot of abuse from getting smashed in the closet, in our suitcases, carry on bags, laundry and hanging bags. 

Finally, there is a solution to help collars look good without the use of a tie. Simply add the Perky Collar under your dress shirt collar and watch your collar lift up like it did when you first bought it. You no longer need to starch your shirts at the dry cleaner to get that crisp look. No starch means your shirts will last longer because starch thins out your shirts, makes buttons fall off and frays your cuffs.

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