The Best Pocket Square Holder is a light weight durable product designed to HOLD THE FOLD of any pocket square or handkerchief permanently inside the breast pocket of a suit, tuxedo, sport coat or vest for work or a one time occasion. It is an essential for every man to have in his closet. "It is a suit jacket's BEST Friend!"

​Men can now maintain a professional, classic, trendy or formal look by following four easy steps. Just simply SELECT the pocket square or handkerchief of choice from your collection. STYLE the pocket square with a custom fold from our "How To" section of the website. SECURE the pocket square by squeezing the Best Pocket Square Holder open at the top and inserting the styled and folded pocket square.​  Then finally, INSERT the Best Pocket Square Holder in your pocket to maintain your style all day. The Best Pocket Square Holder should be in the closet of ALL men. Order yours today and begin your fashion journey! 

Here is a glimpse at what I hope is the future of dress shirts. The photo shows a button hole added under the collar to enable easy install and removal of the Perky Collar.

It is my hope that once enough Perky Collars are sold and a "Proof of Concept" is established that all shirt manufacturers implement the Perky Collar in all shirts in 2016.

​Similar to the collar stays, the Perky Collar would be removed when washing or drycleaning shirts then installed when ready to wear.

The button hole and Perky Collar installed innovation would also make it easier to protect the collar while storing it in the closet, suitcase, carryon bag and hanging bag. Bottom line is that your collar will experience less abuse from day one and will look brand new much longer as a result.

The Best Pocket Square Holder

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