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​Does the Perky Collar come in different sizes?
No. It is one size fits most. It is designed for neck sizes 15-19. It is still effective with larger necks, it is simply less comfortable and will feel a bit short. It is still better than nothing and still more comfortable than a tie.

Is there a Perky Collar for kids?
Not officially, however, since it is made of plastic it can be trimmed down slightly so it does not stick out of their collar. When trimming, try and keep the tip contoured as much as possible. I was able to trim a Perky Collar down for my 13 year old and 9 year old son. It was very effective for both of them. Not sure how effective it will be if you trim it down for kids under 9. 

Where is the best place to store the Perky Collar?​
Wherever is convenient for you. I keep mine on the master bath counter. Others keep it in a bathroom drawer, on a night stand or wherever is not exposed to extreme heat.

Should I buy more than one Perky Collar?
Of coarse! Since there are so many different types and sized collars, most people find it nice to customize their Perky Collars a bit. You will also find they make great gifts for family members and friends. You may also want to keep one at the office, in the car or in a suitcase so that you always have one when needed.



Can I wash the dress shirt with the Perky Collar installed?

No- It is made of plastic. It is NOT intended to go in the washer or dryer. 

Should I remove the Perky Collar before dry cleaning? 
Yes- It is made of plastic. It is NOT intended to go in the washer or dryer at the drycleaner. 

Does it work the same as a collar stay?
No- It works with collar stays. Collar stays play an important role of preventing the collars from curling. It is still important to prevent that curling from occurring. 

What exactly does the Perky Collar do?
The Perky Collar is a collar support system. Therefore, it's primary role is to lift the front of the collar, the area around the top button, to avoid sagging and droopy collars. 

Is the Perky Collar intended to be worn?
Yes- It is clear, lightweight and should be worn under the collar.
Is this more effective than button down collars?
Yes- Even button down collars will begin to sag over time. The Perky Collar should be worn with button down collar shirts as well to maximize effectiveness.

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